Mushroom Song 毕业于伦敦时装学院女装设计,并于2014年在伦敦建 立WMWM studio。Mushroom Song的创作历程是从服装材料本身 及其讲究的剪裁出发,一方面思考服装可被不同经历人自身穿着并赋予的 意义。另一方面去探索中性气息中平衡与独特的性感。 WMWM所呈现的视感,像空气一样安静. Mushroom一直认同一句话“ 安静自有一种力量”去除多余,平静之中也可捕捉到微妙的趣味。 WMWM 2015A/W [BLANK SEVERITY] 极度留白,作为M的首系列 ,灵感源自生活中的放空瞬间,例如人刚睡醒的片刻及夜间进入睡眠前的 片刻。那是一天中的留白放空。给予大脑以空间. M十分喜欢先锋音乐大 师John Cage的“4分33秒”音乐作品。将“留白”的意义推向让人感 动及反思的高度。无声及感受自己。系列作品也以“以黑即白”建立服装 “多余”空间的方式表现。让穿着者更多地在极简廓形下,包容并更多地 感受自己的身体,身体与空间的关系,感受对留白的领悟。

Black is the new of Mushroom Song. She aims to ‘create a balance between androgyny and something more feminine’ by layering volume building drapes into her garments. The line’s initial reference point was menswear in oversized proportions and its boyish, slouchy and cool perfectionism responds to this.

Founder of WMWM, Mushroom Song only graduated this year, but her first MA collection was a true standout at London Fashion Week. Presenting a series of looks that embrace androgyny in its purest form – with oversized cuts and blunt black bobs blurring gender lines – she is thrilled to become part of a new generation spearheading the future of fashion in China. Song’s architectural pieces display precision technique and were inspired by daydreams, especially ‘the moment we wake up or before we fall asleep.

2015 AW collection was a tailored line to the reckoned with.Sporting a variation of pristine collars, the monochromatic line depicted structured fronts and ridged capped backs.The simplicity of the fabrics in there defined composition both standalone and together lustrated the caliber of the collection. The consideredt tailoring of the collection showcased not only her ability to keep simplicity in trend but emphasized the craftsmanship and dedication in her work. Summing up how the future will look, Song’s thoughts turn to ‘texture’, ‘contradiction and ‘commixture’ and ‘cold romance’ – these are just a few of the visually rich phrases that sound like they could be titles of her future collections. Watch this space…